Currency Cards

The smart way to take money abroad.

Carrying large sums of cash when abroad can be unsafe and exchange rates are often variable. can now help you alleviate some of these worries, thanks to foreign exchange specialist, Caxton FX.

TopNotch clients can now obtain a free prepaid currency card from Caxton FX. You can load and reload the card, locking in a competitive exchange rate, then spend abroad with no purchase fees or overseas ATM withdrawal charges, from Caxton FX. They offer a choice of cards; Europe Traveller (€), Dollar Traveller ($) and Global Traveller (£) - you can take one or all three.

  • No overseas ATM fees charged by Caxton FX.
  • No fees, commission, or extra charges on your transactions meaning a restaurant bill in Paris for €150 actually costs you €150.
  • Simply load the card using your UK debit card either online, over the phone, or via SMS.
  • Lock in the exchange rate when you load the card.
  • It's a Visa card meaning it can be used anywhere you see a Visa sign whether in a store, online or at an ATM.
  • Chip and PIN secure.

How Caxton FX prepaid cards work?

Simply load and reload your prepaid card, online, over the phone or via SMS, using a UK debit card. Your card is Chip and PIN protected, making it a safe and flexible alternative to cash and Travellers Cheques.

For full details and to order your prepaid card today visit the Caxton FX website.